We Help Health Companies
Optimize Their Sales Process For
Maximum Results

We Help Health Companies
Optimize Their Sales Process For
Maximum Results

Our Partners enjoy all these benefits:

We turn more visitors into buying customers

Increased revenue per customer

We put your products in front of targeted audiences

Help you deal with the annoying but necessary technical hassles of running a business

And much more

About bcm

BCM Direct has been in the natural health business since 2004. Our principles are lifelong visionaries and pioneers, who have been innovators in online marketing since 1995, when the internet was only in its infancy.

We have helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars in the alternative health space for multiple products.

BCM Direct’s success is no accident. We’re highly selective, and only work with the best partners and products. We carefully vet each product for safety and effectiveness. We’ve built a reputation of honesty and integrity.

In addition to alternative health and nutrition, we understand business, and we know what it takes to be profitable. We never settle for a quick fix or short-term gain. Rather, we focus on metrics that matter, like lifetime customer value, customer acquisition cost, and total revenue.

We don’t focus on transactions. We focus on your bottom line.

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BCM Direct.
We were experts in digital marketing before the term was even coined.

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